Is The Black Race Inferior? Let's Prove This View Wrong

Is The Black Race Inferior? Let's Prove This View Wrong

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In this book, the author takes a look at the concept that people in the nations once termed ‘’third world countries’’or the black race do not possess the intelligence to plan, organize and develop like their counterparts ,especially in the Western nations and observes that while he does not subscribe to the above concept- that the black race is inferior- in their regions of the black race under self-rule however, in the interest of their peoples, they have a lot to do in terms of development which will also show that they too are very intelligent people. He then went on to outline the reasons why their regions have not attained a high level of economic development and the steps to take to remedy the situation. This book is a must reading to all blacks, to policy makers and to all observers who are puzzled by the phenomenon of absence of lack of economic development in these regions ,in spite of the vast resources in some of them.

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