Implementation of Chaos Communication System with Chua's Circuit

Implementation of Chaos Communication System with Chua's Circuit

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Communication is defined as exchanging of information or news. It consists of sender, message and a recipient. To ensure the message is successfully sent to the receiver by the sender security is a core issue for all communication systems no matter whether it is used as public or military purposes. Chaos communication is an application of chaos theory. Chaos theory tells us about the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Chaos communication provides ensured secure transmission of information by making contents of the transmitter message inaccessible to any intruders. In electrical engineering, research on chaos has covered a very wide range of areas including electronic circuits, telecommunications, power electronics, power systems etc. This book focuses on practical implementation of chaotic behavior in a communication system. For a chaotic behavior non-linear oscillatory behavior is essential. A well-known Chua’s circuit is used for this...

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