University Library Websites of Maharashtra

University Library Websites of Maharashtra

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The academic libraries in India, in particular the University Libraries of today, are improving their service base especially with application of Information technology for access and delivery of e-content to their clients. In this process they are also adapting to the change, altering their image, by executing new functions and providing varieties of services in an evolving continuum. The rapid developments in information technologies have already laid a solid foundation for a new innovative evolution of university in the on going digital era. Impacted by new advances in emerging and cutting -edge technologies, however, “academic libraries have already transformed their specific functions in today's changing world as; information center,learning center, training center,publication center”(Lilili, 2009). The World Wide Web(WWW), the invention of Tim Barnes Lee, has also created tremendous influence in the transformation of libraries as knowledge resource centres,rather than store...

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