Traffic Management Models For Wireless Communication Network

Traffic Management Models For Wireless Communication Network

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Recent advances in cellular technology have great effect on wireless communication networks (WCNs). Performance and Quality of Service (QoS) are the key design requirements for WCNs. Performance is one of the fundamental factors in the design, development and configuration of wireless communication networks, which makes its effect realised in every walk of life. Queueing theory has been employed for the analysis and performance prediction of WCNs exhaustively. Performance modeling and analysis of WCNs is important in two ways. First, given a traffic management of the expected load on the network, the analyst can determine the traffic rates and buffer capacities needed in the network. Second, users can characterize expected traffic when making resource reservations for network services. This book presents traffic management models for wireless communication network via queue theoretic approach. The problems that are considered include performance evaluation of WCNs, optimal channel...

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