Technological Challenges in structured and unstructured societies

Technological Challenges in structured and unstructured societies

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The challenge of technological changes in communication is the flexibility and adaptiveness of social systems to the changing capabilities. All societies have found themselves with difficulties as a result of new technology and what is permitted in terms of communication possibilities. My question is about the nature of the reaction of social systems. The argument is societies like the United States of America (USA) and South Africa are unstructured and without rules will be forced to make many new rules to accommodate all the problems of the technology while closed or heavily structured societies, like Kuwait as Muslim country, will find herself having to reduce the number of rules or change systems in order to accommodate. The conclusion is that the societies will move closer to each other as a result. In sum, there is an optimism represent a misunderstanding of the technology, communication, and the adpativeness of social structures to technological change in communication.

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