Sustainable Environmental Management Practices To Young Generation

Sustainable Environmental Management Practices To Young Generation

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This book is an outcome of the research conducted and the project being implemented in three secondary schools of Mtakuja, Bakili Muluzi and Bunju girls in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.It covers the period between December 2010 up to June 2011.The participatory needs assessment conducted in the area using participatory methods and tools such as Focus Group Discussions (FGD) , semi-structured Interviews and Field visit survey came out with five major community needs which needed to be urgently addressed that is environmental degradation, deforestation, water and air pollution.These problems have far reaching ramifications in terms of student’s attendance, performance, high incidences of water borne diseases, heat shocks and fainting.The study concludes that, there is lack of practical systemic analysis of the root causes of climate vulnerabilities and forgetting to invest best environmental Management practices to the young generation especially school children.This bottom up approach is...

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