Solid Waste Management in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana

Solid Waste Management in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana

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The outcome of the research was in two categories, namely the viability of the company and employment generation for the youth in the Sunyani municipality in Ghana. The study has pointed out the major contribution of zoomlion toward effective management of solid waste in the region. This book portrays how a good relationship between management of a company and workers lead greater output in an efficient way. The company has positively contributed to the management of solid waste in the Sunyani municipality. But the company has still got a lot of tasks to perform before achieving its target by 2015 such as the establishment of a waste management training institution and creation of branches in other parts of the world. The research shows that, solid waste management in the community is improving in a very gradual process. Finally,the findings showed that the company has generated a lot of employment opportunities for the people especially the youth in the community. This has...

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