Mediatized Realities of Crime against Women

Mediatized Realities of Crime against Women

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Delhi Gang Rape (DGR) - 2012 incident will be remembered as a blot on issues concerning the safety and security of Indian women. Indian media’s role in this incident was both – sensational as well as leading to awareness on women’s rights. A kind of havoc was noticed where not only the Indian government was pressurized but also uproar was seen among people who came on streets, protesting against increasing incidents of Violence Against Women (VAW). This work specifically addresses the issues related to media coverage of DGR. Due to the Indian media’s rigorous intervention in issues related to women and crime, feminism and media activism have occupied the limelight. Issues regarding VAW in India became controversial during the DGR, making it a topic to-be-discussed by everyone and everywhere. Media adheres certain guidelines and limitations while reporting and disseminating news. However, the question that emanates is to what extent media follow ethics without sensationalizing news...

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