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Globalization has changed the ways we teach young people. Today, it takes a global village to raise and educate a child. At UCF, we have developed many innovative courses with global components. At the College of Education, we have promoted global education twofold, through forming international friendships and building global awareness. This book is an example of successful teaching in action. In Spring 2013, UCF graduate students prepared a collection of critical book reviews. This publication is a result of classroom cooperation in our interdisciplinary M course, SSE 5391. Our most enjoyable task was to read global books and respond creatively to the authors' messages. We hope that our recommendations help you to select interesting books devoted to many aspects of globalization. Together, we went on the intellectual journey, exploring the whole range of global topics. We have focused on famous writers such as Paulo Freire, Noah Chomsky, and Al Gore. We have also reviewed...

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