Gender-Role Orientation and Locality of Residence

Gender-Role Orientation and Locality of Residence

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We love, nurture and we help. but we also become angry and hate. Aggression and violence have become common facts of modern life. A day hardly passes without our hearing about rape,murder, communal violence,terrorism or war. Aggression has become common component of our social life and we may even exhibit some element, if not the whole of it even within our family. Given the fact that aggression is all too very common in our life attention is focused in Chapter-I of the book to define aggression and to present different theoretical perspectives on aggression. The study of aggression has become a center of lively research field for social scientists from long time. The influence of certain factors on aggression, such as, age, gender, socioeconomic status, media violence, alcohol and personality traits have received considerable attention form researchers. A modest attempt is made in Chapter-II to review some of the studies relevant to the topic.In Chapter-III the need and significance...

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