Domestic Water Need For A Rapidly Urbanizing Third World City

Domestic Water Need For A Rapidly Urbanizing Third World City

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Irrespective of its contributions to human health and development, a global paucity of adequate and safe drinking water had been established. This situation is more pronounced in the developing countries where a large proportion of the inhabitants often resort to the use of potentially harmful sources of water. In an attempt to put in place strategies that would mitigate the shortage of domestic water supply especially at the city level, this book focuses on an in-depth analysis of domestic water supply and demand situations in a developing country using Ado-Ekiti - a rapidly urbanizing medium-sized city in Nigeria as a case study. No doubt, the various data that are generated in this work are critical to sustainable water delivery in the developing countries. Issues and recommendations raised in the book are vital to effective policy on domestic water supply. Thus, this book should be especially useful to professionals in water and sanitation, urban and regional planning, water...

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