Antenatal care in rural community

Antenatal care in rural community

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Antenatal care (ANC) primarily aims from the confirmation of a pregnancy till the birth. India is a country with limited resources and finds lots of difficulties due to its ever increasing population. Incase such population increase rate continues then the trend may result in population explosion. Inview of this, India launched family planning programmes in 1952 and became first country in the world to regulate population. The maternity care posed unique challenges with minimal interference to regulate population dynamics, also includes a potential for disaster may be critically cared by any government with utmost importance. Hence, Mother and baby oriented antenatal care aims to ensure the supervision of maternal and fetal well-beingness during pregnancy, making available all appropriate choices to fulfil optimal potential, and providing all necessary support and preparation for a high quality life after birth, with due respect for privacy and the least necessary interference. ANC...

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